World Cup Football 2006 Germany


This formerly East German city dates from medieval times. With a history dotted with giants of music such as J.S. Bach and Mendelssohn, we can only hope that this summer it rings to the dulcet tones of "Vindaloo".

Stadium Details

Club(s) Lokomotive Leipzig

Matches in Leipzig

Group Stage

  • Match 6. Sunday 11th June 2006, Leipzig, 14:00 BST
    Group C Match
    Serbia and Montenegro 0–1 Netherlands
    Netherlands goal: Robben (18′)
    Coverage: BBC1

  • Match 15. Wednesday 14th June 2006, Leipzig, 14:00 BST
    Group H Match
    Spain 4–0 Ukraine
    Spain goals: Alonso (13′), Villa (17′, 48′ penalty), Torres (81′)
    Coverage: ITV1

  • Match 29. Sunday 18th June 2006, Leipzig, 20:00 BST
    Group G Match
    France 1–1 South Korea
    France goal: Henry (9′)
    South Korea goal: Park Ji-sung (81′)
    Coverage: BBC1

  • Match 40. Wednesday 21st June 2006, Leipzig, 15:00 BST
    Group D Match
    Iran 1–1 Angola
    Iran goal: Bakhtiarizadeh (75′)
    Angola goal: Flávio (60′)
    Coverage: ITV2

Round of 16

  • Match 50. Saturday 24th June 2006, Leipzig, 20:00 BST
    Round of 16
    Argentina 2–1 Mexico after extra time
    Argentina goals: Crespo (10′), Rodríguez (98′)
    Mexico goal: Márquez (6′)
    Coverage: BBC1

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