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The name of the town comes from the Holy Roman Emperor Barbarossa who built a castle or palace near the river Lauter in the 12th century. However, given this grand heritage it is slightly incongruous to note that the predominantly American NATO personnel stationed here refer to it as "K-Town" because they are too lazy to pronounce it fully. The stadium itself is named after the somewhat more recent hero of the 1954 World Cup campaign.

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Matches in Kaiserslautern

  1. 12. Monday 12th June, Kaiserslautern 14:00 BST
    Group F Match
    Australia 3 - 1 Japan
    Scorers for Australia: Cahill (84, 89), Aloisi (92)
    Scorers for Japan: Nakamura (26)
    Coverage: ITV1
  2. 25. Saturday 17th June, Kaiserslautern 20:00 BST
    Group E Match
    Italy 1 - 1 U.S.A.
    Scorers for Italy: Gilardino (22)
    Scorers for U.S.A.: Zaccardo (o.g. 27)
    Coverage: ITV1
  3. 36. Tuesday 20th June, Kaiserslautern 20:00 BST
    Group B Match
    Paraguay 2 - 0 Trinidad & Tobago
    Scorers for Paraguay: Sancho (o.g. 25), Cuevas (86)
    Coverage: ITV4
  4. 47. Friday 23rd June, Kaiserslautern 15:00 BST
    Group H Match
    Saudi Arabia 0 - 1 Spain
    Scorers for Spain: Juanito (36)
    Coverage: BBC1
  5. 53. Monday 26th June, Kaiserslautern 16:00 BST
    Round of 16
    Italy 1 - 0 Australia
    Scorers for Italy: Totti (92 (p))
    Coverage: ITV1

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