World Cup Football 2014 - Brazil

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Consistently described by the British media during the build-up as being "in the middle of the rainforest" you would be forgiven for thinking that the matches would be played in a small clearing before a crowd of tarantulas and anacondas. In fact it is a thriving metropolis much like any other and as usual the whole rainforest thing has been over-hyped to the point of lampoon.

Stadium Details

Name:Arena da AmazĂ´nia

Matches in Manaus

  1. 8. Saturday 14th June, Manaus 23:00 BST
    Group D Match
    England 1 - 2 Italy
    Scorers for England: Sturridge (37)
    Scorers for Italy: Marchisio (35), Balotelli (50)
    Coverage: BBC1
  2. 18. Wednesday 18th June, Manaus 23:00 BST
    Group A Match
    Cameroon 0 - 4 Croatia
    Scorers for Croatia: Olić (11), Perišić (48), Mandžukić (61, 73)
    Coverage: ITV
  3. 30. Sunday 22nd June, Manaus 23:00 BST
    Group G Match
    U.S.A. 2 - 2 Portugal
    Scorers for U.S.A.: Jones (64), Dempsey (81)
    Scorers for Portugal: Nani (5), Varela (90 + 5)
    Coverage: BBC1
  4. 41. Wednesday 25th June, Manaus 21:00 BST
    Group E Match
    Honduras 0 - 3 Switzerland
    Scorers for Switzerland: Shaqiri (6, 31, 71)
    Coverage: BBC3

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Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.