World Cup Football 2006 - Germany


Home of the Frankfurter, (without which no hot dog is complete and therefore, by extrapolation, no football match either), Frankfurt is home to the German stock exchange and is the financial centre of the nation. The stadium has been purpose-built for the 2006 World Cup.

Stadium Details

Name:Waldstadion (also called Commerzbank Arena)
Club:Eintracht Frankfurt

Matches in Frankfurt

  1. 3. Saturday 10th June, Frankfurt 14:00 BST
    Group B Match
    England 1 - 0 Paraguay
    Scorers for England: Gamarra (o.g. 4)
    Coverage: BBC1
  2. 14. Tuesday 13th June, Frankfurt 14:00 BST
    Group G Match
    South Korea 2 - 1 Togo
    Scorers for South Korea: Chun-Soo Lee (54), Jung-Hwan Ahn (72)
    Scorers for Togo: Kader (31)
    Coverage: BBC1
  3. 24. Saturday 17th June, Frankfurt 14:00 BST
    Group D Match
    Portugal 2 - 0 Iran
    Scorers for Portugal: Deco (63), Ronaldo (80 (p))
    Coverage: BBC1
  4. 37. Wednesday 21st June, Frankfurt 20:00 BST
    Coverage: ITV1
  5. 60. Saturday 1st July, Frankfurt 20:00 BST
    Quarter Final
    Brazil 0 - 1 France
    Scorers for France: Henry (57)
    Coverage: ITV1

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